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RES Australia is pleased to announce that Development Plan Consent for Twin Creek Wind Farm was granted on 24 October 2019 by the State Commission Assessment Panel (who is the Responsible Authority for the application in SA).  

Consent was granted for the construction of a 185MW wind farm comprising 51 wind turbine generators (3.6 MW machines up to 180 meter maximum tip height) and associated 215MW battery storage facility, transmission line, substations, meteorological masts, operations and maintenance compound, civil works (e.g. access tracks, cabling etc) and temporary facilities (e.g. works compound, lay-down areas and mobile concrete batching plant etc).  


The 60m met mast (installed at the southern end of the site) has now reached the end of its usable life and is set to be decommissioned before the end of January.  The 100m met mast installed at the northern end of the site will remain in place.  


RES lodged a planning addendum to move a single wind turbine, 'T7' by 38.19m to the north east.  The micrositing of T7 is within the proposed infrastructure zone.  RES lodged the following documents to SCAP:

  1. Updated drawings for Figures 6, 7, 8 and 10.
  2. Statements from:
    • EBS Ecology in relation to potential impact on flora and fauna;
    • Wax Design in relation to change to visual effect; and
    • Sonus in relation to noise assessment.

Copies of the addendum will be available on request following their acceptance by SCAP.


An application to the ERD Court was made to review the planning category of Twin Creek Wind Farm.  The ERD Court will review this application and RES Australia expects the Court to have concluded their decision early in the new year.  Following this decision, the State Commission Assessment Panel will then host the planning panel assessment meeting.  The meeting is likely to take place in February or March 2019 (subject to planning panel availability).


The State Commission Assessment Panel (CAP) issued neighbour notification letters to landowners who own land that abuts the site boundary of Twin Creek Wind Farm in late March 2018.  The timeline for responses/representation was set by SCAP as April 13th 2018.

In terms of next steps, CAP may seek to have planning panel assessment meeting to raise any questions it has concerning the application.  The timing and venue for this will be determined by SCAP, but is likely to be held locally and near to the project site.  


RES Australia is pleased to announce it has submitted a Development Application for Twin Creek Wind Farm to the State Commission Assessment Panel (who is the Responsible Authority for the application).  

RES has undertaken an extensive range of environmental surveys over the last 3 years to identify environmental features and have taken care to design the project to minimise local impacts.

The project consists of 51 wind turbines up to 180m in height, tracks and crane hardstands, an onsite and terminal substation, a battery energy storage facility, an operation and maintenance compound and associated infrastructure.  It is one of very few wind farm projects in Australia which achieve a 2km buffer from the proposed wind turbines to non-involved neighbouring houses. 


Building on the feedback received from the first round of community consultation, RES have modified the project design and wish to undertake a second round of community consultation, with details and timing as follows:

  • 7th April - Kapunda Soldiers Memorial Hall, Hill Street Kapunda - 9 am till 11am;
  • 7th April - Truro Oval Complex | Railway Terrace Truro - 1 pm till 3 pm;
  • 7th April - Eudunda Hall - 5 pm to 7 pm.

The design of the project is broadly similar to the original design, but the following changes have been made:

  • Relocation of T44, T41, T40, T2 & T8 towards the centre of the site to increase the distance between these turbines and the site boundary;
  • Inclusion of containerised battery energy storage near the substation.


Project Open Days were held on the 27, 28, 29 October 2016 in Kapunda, Eudunda and Truro respectively.  RES would like to thank all the members of the community who attended these days.